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Historic Markers Near Pensacola Florida – Hyer-Knowles Planing Mill

This page is dedicated to Florida historical markers near Pensacola Hyer-Knowles Planing Mill. There are many historical markers in Florida. This marker in Escambia County is an excellent example.

Hyer-Knowles Planing Mill

This Florida Historical Marker is entitled Hyer-Knowles Planing Mill , and is located in Pensacola in Escambia County, Florida. Marker is at the intersection of Scenic Highway (U.S. 90) and Langley Avenue, on the right when traveling north on Scenic Highway.

Inscription on the Marker

The inscription reads:

Hyer-Knowles Planing Mill. . The Chimney is the only trace of what once was the first major industrial belt on the Gulf Coast, a string of antebellum wood mills and brick factories. The chimney represents the lumber industry of the Florida Panhandle. As the lumber industry prospered in the 1850s, local mills employed 600 people and produced almost 55 million feet of lumber. The bricks in the base of the chimney bear the mark of “J. Gonzalez”, showing that they were produced at the local brick plant of James Gonzalez. The chimney was part of the steam power plant for the Hyers-Knowles Mill. In March 1862, General Braxton Bragg was evacuating the Confederate forces holding Pensacola when Confederate Secretary of War Judah P. Benjamin gave the order to “Destroy all machinery private and public, which could be useful to the enemy; especially disable the sawmills in and around the Bay.” The machinery from the mills was loaded onto barges which were moved into Escambia Bay. On March 10th a thunderstorm and large waves sank the barges. That same night the Hyer-Knowles Mill was burned, and all that is left is the chimney.

Marker Sponsor and Install Date for Hyer-Knowles Planing Mill

Placed by the City of Pensacola & the Florida Department of State..

Installed in 1999.

Maps & Location Views

Using mapping services from Google, we can show detailed location maps and street views if they are available.

Sometimes you will be able to see the Hyer-Knowles Planing Mill Marker in Google Maps. A 360-degree view of the area near the marker is available on the link below. You can see the marker or monument and read it in many cases.

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