Espiritu Santo Springs

Florida Historical Markers Near Safety Harbor – Espiritu Santo Springs

This page is dedicated to Florida historical markers near Safety Harbor Espiritu Santo Springs. There are many historical markers in Florida. This marker in Pinellas County is an excellent example.

Espiritu Santo Springs

This Florida Historical Marker is entitled Espiritu Santo Springs Where Healing Waters Flow , and is located in Safety Harbor in Pinellas County, Florida. The location is 105 North Bayshore Drive. Marker is on North Bayshore Drive east of Phillippe Parkway, on the right when traveling north.

Inscription on the Marker

The inscription reads:

Espiritu Santo Springs. Where Healing Waters Flow. , On May 18, 1539, Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto reached the shores of what is now Tampa Bay, landing near these mineral springs used by the native population for nearly 10,000 years. Believing he had found the legendary Fountain of Youth somehow missed by Ponce de Leon, de Soto established a camp here, naming the crystal waters Espiritu Santo Springs – “Springs of the Holy Spirit.”, Each of the five springs located on this site was identified and said to cure certain ailments, a claim drawing thousands of visitors yearly to the “Health Giving City” of Safety Harbor., The Safety Harbor Sanitorium opened its doors in 1926, offering porcelain bathtubs and a large swimming pool for “taking the waters.” In 1945 the springs and sanitorium were sold to Dr. Salem H. Baranoff, who opened the facility as a health spa., Today the springs continue to attract health-conscious travelers., Florida Heritage Landmark.

Marker Sponsor and Install Date for Espiritu Santo Springs

Placed by the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa and Florida Department of State, Sandra B. Mortham, Secretary of State.

Installed in 1998.

Maps & Location Views

Using mapping services from Google, we can show detailed location maps and street views if they are available.

Sometimes you will be able to see the Espiritu Santo Springs Marker in Google Maps. A 360-degree view of the area near the marker is available on the link below. You can see the marker or monument and read it in many cases.

The History of Safety Harbor

Florida Historical Markers Near Safety Harbor - Espiritu Santo Springs

Count Odet Philippe, a French aristocrat who is credited with bringing the grapefruit to Florida in 1823, initially homesteaded Safety Harbor (formerly known as Worth’s Harbor and Green Springs). Early in the 18th century, when pirates exerted a significant impact in the region, the moniker Safety Harbor was first used.

With its storied Espiritu Santo Springs, the famed Safety Harbor Resort & Spa is a fixture in the neighborhood. Tourists have been coming to this region since the turn of the century to refresh in the spring waters. It took a whole day of adventure to go there by boat from Tampa or stagecoach from Clearwater. Today, tourists fly in from all over the world to enjoy the resort’s way of life.

About the Florida Historical Marker Program

One of the most well-known and noticeable public history initiatives of the Division of Historical Resources is the Florida Historical Marker Program. It is intended to increase residents’ and visitors’ enjoyment of Florida’s historic places and to increase public knowledge of the state’s rich cultural past.

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