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Florida Historical Markers Near Orlando – The Barrier Breakers

This page is dedicated to Florida historical markers near Orlando The Barrier Breakers. There are many historical markers in Florida. This marker in is an excellent example.

The Barrier Breakers

This Florida Historical Marker is entitled The Barrier Breakers August 9, 1955 — Orlando, Florida , and is located in Orlando in , Florida. The location is 1519 West Church Street. Marker can be reached from Rio Grande Avenue just north of West Church Street, on the right when traveling north.

Inscription on the Marker

The inscription reads:

The Barrier Breakers. August 9, 1955 — Orlando, Florida. The Pensacola Jaycees and Orlando Kiwanis broke Florida’s color barrier in youth baseball on Optimist Park Field at Lake Lorna Doone. The coaches, players and their families stepped beyond the segregated patterns of the day living into the reality that America is better united than divided. By taking the field together, these courageous youth removed a long-held barrier in the State of Florida and the Deep South, leading us toward a better future for all. 1955 Pensacola Jaycees , Coach Nathaniel Black . Coach Fred Hicks . Freddie Augustine . Pesslean Brye . Percy Boykins . Clyde Charlie . Cleve Dailey . Robert East . Admiral LeRoy, Jr. Harim McFarland . Richard Morris, Jr. Willie Preyer . Wille V. Robinson . Phillip Stewart . Willie Stromas, 1955 Orlando Kiwanis , Coach Mel Rivenbark . Coach Bob Gould . Randy Cooper . Jerry Cowart . Billy Dyer . Gary Fleming . John Fly . Stewart Hall . Bobby Hickey . Ronnie Homan . Bill Hudson . Gary Jenkins . Johnny Lake . Danny Rivenbank . Jimmy Slade . David Smith , , , , , , , , , , Buddy Dyer , Mayor, City of Orlando , Jim Gray, District 1 Commissioner , Tony Ortiz, District 2 Commissioner , Robert F. Stuart, District 3 Commissioner , Patty Sheehan, District 4 Commissioner , Regina I. Hill, District 5 Commissioner , Bakari F. Burns, District 6 Commissioner, The Barrier Breakers , Dedicated March 24, 2022, Sculpted by George Nock, 2020 , Donated to the City of Orlando by , The Edward E. Haddock, Jr. Family Foundation, Dedicated for the public good in the spirit of , building bridges rather than barriers, Thanks to The Families, Parks and Recreation Department, , The Edward E. Haddock, Jr. Family Foundation and , Florida Citrus Sports Foundation for collaborating to produce , this work with support of The Orlando City Council , , , , , , , , , , About the Artist , George Nock. George Verdell Nock was born in Baltimore, Maryland on March 4, 1946. At a young age George demonstrated exceptional talent as both an artist and an athlete, sketching, sculpting and painting through high school while playing basketball and football. In 1964 Nock earned a football scholarship to Morgan State University and studied psychology. In December 1966, the Morgan State Bears earned a bid to the Tangerine Bowl where Nock and his teammates broke Central Florida’s long-standing color barrier in collegiate football. In doing so, George Nock exhibited grace and courage during a time of social tension and uncertainty. As star running back and captain for the Bears, Nock received All-American honorable mention, All-CIAA, All-State and All American-Black Colleges honors. He was drafted to the NFL in 1969 and played five years with the New York Jets and Washington Redskins. Nock led youth development work in Washington, DC where he mentored teens and re-engaged his love for art. He channeled his natural strength and graceful athletic skill to create tactile and delicate sculptural forms in the raw and energetic tradition of Rodin. Mr. Nock felt a personal connection with The Barrier Breakers commission. Reflecting on the sculpture and his own participation in civil rights work, he wrote, “Of all the public projects I’ve completed, I am extremely proud to be a part of this historical venture.” , The Barrier Breakers sculpture is George Nock’s final piece of public art. While traveling to Orlando in October 2020 to deliver the sculpture and design its installation, Mr. Nock contracted COVID-19 and succumbed to complications on November 22, 2020. We grieve his passing and find it fitting that the monument should honor both the accomplishments of the 1955 Pensacola Jaycees and Orlando Kiwanis and those of George Nock, himself. Their lives stand together before us as an inspiration that we too, in our time, might embody the courage and the grace of The Barrier Breakers.

Marker Sponsor and Install Date for The Barrier Breakers

Placed by Edward E. Haddock, Jr. Family Foundation.

Installed in 2022.

Maps & Location Views

Using mapping services from Google, we can show detailed location maps and street views if they are available.

Sometimes you will be able to see the The Barrier Breakers Marker in Google Maps. A 360-degree view of the area near the marker is available on the link below. You can see the marker or monument and read it in many cases.

The History of Orlando

Florida Historical Markers Near Orlando - The Barrier Breakers

More than a century before the Pilgrims set foot at Plymouth Rock, in 1513, Florida began its modern-day history, of which Orlando is a part.

During this period, Florida was still part of the United States Territory and not yet a state; therefore, many Native American tribes occupied land throughout Central Florida, including Seminole Indians who had migrated there from Georgia during the First Seminole War (1817-1818).

In 1838, the U.S. Army built Fort Gatlin south of the present-day Orlando City limits to protect settlers from attacks by Indians during the Second Seminole War. During the Civil War, Orlando’s role included supplying the Confederacy with food, cattle, and horses from the vast plantations in the region.

Today Orlando is recognized as a global tourist attraction and entertainment city

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One of the most well-known and noticeable public history initiatives of the Division of Historical Resources is the Florida Historical Marker Program. It is intended to increase residents’ and visitors’ enjoyment of Florida’s historic places and to increase public knowledge of the state’s rich cultural past.

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