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Florida Historical Markers Near Orlando – The Lone Sailor Memorial of Central Florida

This page is dedicated to Florida historical markers near Orlando The Lone Sailor Memorial of Central Florida. There are many historical markers in Florida. This marker in is an excellent example.

The Lone Sailor Memorial of Central Florida

This Florida Historical Marker is entitled The Lone Sailor Memorial of Central Florida Naval Training Center Orlando , and is located in Orlando in , Florida. The location is 2051 General Rees Ave. Marker can be reached from General Rees Avenue north of Lower Park Road, on the right when traveling north.

Inscription on the Marker

The inscription reads:

The Lone Sailor Memorial of Central Florida. Naval Training Center Orlando. Honoring Sailors , The Central Florida Council of the U.S. Navy League chose The Lone Sailor statue to honor ove 652,000 Sailors (men and women) who started their naval careers at the former U.S. Navy Recruit Training Center in Orlando, Florida. The Memorial honors veterans of the sea services: Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines. , Original Lone Sailor , The original The Lone Sailor statue is located in Washington, D.C. and was created in 1987 by the acclaimed artist Stanley Bliefeld. The Lone Sailor stands in a casual pose wrapped up against a chilly sea breeze, waiting for his ship. He is a seasoned veteran and represents Navy core values of honor, courage and commitment. Cast in bronze, The Lone Sailor stands of seven feet tall and weighs more than 1000 pounds. His sea bag at his side contains all his essential gear for his next duty station and weighs 400 pounds. , Calling Orlando Home , In April 2017, Orlando became the 14th site for The Lone Sailor and each site is different. This unique and complex design includes many nautical elements such as a navy pier, bollards, cleats, palm trees, sea grasses, and a compass rose used for navigation. Medallions from each of the sea services surround the flag pole. The ground around the pier is sculpted to resemble waves.

Maps & Location Views

Using mapping services from Google, we can show detailed location maps and street views if they are available.

Sometimes you will be able to see the The Lone Sailor Memorial of Central Florida Marker in Google Maps. A 360-degree view of the area near the marker is available on the link below. You can see the marker or monument and read it in many cases.

The History of Orlando

Florida Historical Markers Near Orlando - <i></img>The Lone Sailor</i> Memorial of Central Florida” \></center></p>
<p>More than a century before the Pilgrims set foot at Plymouth Rock, in 1513, Florida began its modern-day history, of which Orlando is a part.</p>
<p>During this period, Florida was still part of the United States Territory and not yet a state; therefore, many Native American tribes occupied land throughout Central Florida, including Seminole Indians who had migrated there from Georgia during the First Seminole War (1817-1818).</p>
<p>In 1838, the U.S. Army built Fort Gatlin south of the present-day Orlando City limits to protect settlers from attacks by Indians during the Second Seminole War. During the Civil War, Orlando’s role included supplying the Confederacy with food, cattle, and horses from the vast plantations in the region.</p>
<p>Today Orlando is recognized as a global tourist attraction and entertainment city</p>
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