Florida Historical Markers Near Key West In Memory of Dr. Samuel A. Mudd

Florida Historical Markers Near Key West In Memory of Dr. Samuel A. Mudd

This page is dedicated to Florida historical markers near Key West In Memory of Dr. Samuel A. Mudd. There are many historical markers in Florida. This marker in Monroe County is an excellent example.

In Memory of Dr. Samuel A. Mudd

This Florida Historical Marker is entitled In Memory of Dr. Samuel A. Mudd 1833 – 1883 Imprisoned Fort Jefferson, Florida (July 24, 1865), and is located in Key West in Monroe County, Florida.

Inscription on the Marker

The inscription reads:

In Memory of Dr. Samuel A. Mudd. “…upon occasion of the prevalence of the yellow fever…Samuel A. Mudd devoted himself to the care and cure of the sick and interposed his courage and skill to protect the garrison…from peril and alarm, and thus…saved many valuable lives and earned the admiration and gratitude of all who observed or experienced his generous and faithful service to humanity.”, President Andrew Johnson , Pardon, dated February 6, 1869, Dr. Mudd was released, and left Fort Jefferson , March 11, 1869

Installed in 1961.

Maps & Location Views

Using mapping services from Google, we can show detailed location maps and street views if they are available.

Sometimes you will be able to see the In Memory of Dr. Samuel A. Mudd Marker in Google Maps. A 360-degree view of the area near the marker is available on the link below. You can see the marker or monument and read it in many cases.

The History of Key West

Key West 1842
Key West 1842 – Courtesy Library of Congress

Ponce de Leon found the territory now known as Florida (or “La Florida”) in 1513. That’s what his group came to call Key West, Florida. The southernmost islands of the Florida Keys are known as Los Martires, or the Martyrs, because to the dense and tangled mangroves that line their coasts.

For a long time, the Keys swung between English and Spanish rule, until Florida as a whole was surrendered to the United States in 1819. John Simonton, an American businessman, bought Key West. To determine the viability of Key West, Florida, as a commercial port and military outpost, Lieutenant Matthew C. Perry sent the USS Shark there in 1822. He informed the United States government with news that he took over Key West.

Key West salt production, fishing, sponge farming, cigar making and commerce, and turtle hunting were all common in the city’s factories and enterprises. Due to the dangers of the offshore reefs, salvaging also grew into a significant economic factor.

The southernmost city in the continental United States is Key West. It’s also the furthest island west that can be accessed by automobile in the Florida Keys. Its main drag, Duval Street, stretches from the southern tip of the island in the Gulf of Mexico to the northern tip of the island in the Straits of Florida and the Atlantic Ocean.

Today Key West is recognized as a global tourist attraction and entertainment city

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One of the most well-known and noticeable public history initiatives of the Division of Historical Resources is the Florida Historical Marker Program. It is intended to increase residents’ and visitors’ enjoyment of Florida’s historic places and to increase public knowledge of the state’s rich cultural past.

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